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Saturday, July 4, 2009

A Very Personal CSA (community supported agriculture)

Tim's brother Ron entertains himself in the long, hot South Dakota summers by growing a huge garden in raised beds. Then he cans and freezes whatever he doesn't consume immediately — or give away.

His garden is in the yard of the farm that two brothers own just west of the Missouri River in southern SoDak. Ron is a master gardener and every year he either expands the size of his garden or he experiments with new crops. This year he expanded the size considerably.

We benefit from the bounty when we visit with the rest of the extended family in the fall. Last year our hot green bean salad garnished with crispy leeks from the garden were a big hit.

This year he's growing tomatoes, spinach, leeks, beans, rhubarb, and other crops. Since he can't be at the farm all of the time, he's rigged up a pretty clever automatic watering system among the tomato plants.

On the 4th, the garden is looking pretty good. Here are a few photos:

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