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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Raw Veggie Slaw Is Quick and Easy

We love the idea that when our weekly box of veggies comes home with us from the CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm, we have to figure out what to do with them, because we never know what we're going to get.

Last week, among the many fresh vegetables, we got beets, carrots, and a kohlrabi. For dinner last night, we thought a slaw would be a good accompaniment to the fish (arctic char and halibut) we grilled.

So, we put the grater blade in the food processor and grated separately three medium-size carrots, the kohlrabi (peeled), and three small beets. With the veggies assembled in a ceramic bowl, we added three-quarters of a cup of mustardy vinaigrette dressing along with a little salt and pepper.

To assemble the dressing in a cup-sized container that we could seal well enough to shake, we mixed 3-1/2 Tablespoons of balsamic vinegar and two Tablespoons of good dijon mustard, and a Tablespoon of olive oil. Cap the container and shake until blended. Then add a half cup of olive oil, and shake again.

Pour the dressing onto the veggies and mix well. You can make this hours ahead or just before you sit down to eat.

The beets give the slaw a solidly red cast, but it adds color to an otherwise white fish plate.

The mustard dressing and the strong veggies make this a slaw that can stand up to anything from beef to barbeque to fish.

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