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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Favorite Kitchen Utensils: Mini-Whisk

Not to get all consumerist and Oprah, but a few tools make cooking much, much easier:

We first got one of these mini-whisks as a gift, and it sat ignored in the drawer for a long time. It seemed like a twerpy little instrument, and we weren’t sure what to use it for—wouldn’t a fork work just as well? Then one night we whipped up some salad dressing with the baby whisk and found that it worked incredibly well, blending faster than a fork and putting less strain on the wrist than our big whisk. Now we use it almost every day, for everything from sauces to mixing the dry ingredients that go into a batch of cornbread. Though that first whisk is long gone, we found a replacement at the dollar store that’s just as good.

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