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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Shake Your Wine?

Who ever heard of shaking a bottle of wine to make it taste better?

The people at Mollydooker Wines in Australia claim that they use nitrogen in their winemaking so that they put in fewer sulfites. Shaking the bottle allegedly puts flavor back in the wine. It's like instant aeration.

You would not, of course, do this with sparkling wine. And, in fact, you really need a screw cap to guarantee that you don't dribble wine all over the place, because the secret is pouring a little wine out of the bottle, then recapping before you shake upside down for about 5 seconds or so.

After the first shake, open the cap to release any pressure, close it up and shake again. Let the resulting bubbles settle for a minute and pour.

Here's a link to the Mollydooker website page that contains a video of the owners showing you how to do "The Mollydooker Shake." Once on the page, click on the video link and have fun shaking your Mollydooker — or other inexpensive red wine for the matter.

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