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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New, Improved Eat Well, Eat Cheap: You Can Search Us!

For the past week we've been working to "eat down" our pantry and freezer stockpiles. In the course of this, we came across a container of Salsa Casserole and remembered how much we liked this dish. But we couldn't remember when we'd posted the recipe.

This reminded us that after more than a year of blogging, we've posted so many items that it can be hard to find recipes and wine recommendations.

If only Blogger had a search function, we sighed. Then we looked around and discovered that it did. We just added the button to the top of the page. Sorry for not doing it sooner! 

Let us know how it works.


  1. Satisfactory results in 'eating down' the pantry/freezer. But do you have suggestions, beyond pasta, on what to do with the snack-bag-size portions of pesto still clogging the freezer?

  2. Pizza! We'll post the recipe tomorrow...

  3. I always used the search button in the top left-hand corner of any blogger page and it worked fine--but maybe not everybody has it visible? Anyway, this search bar is easy to find, so thanks!!