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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mock Tuna Salad: Don't Laugh Until You've Tried It

Ruth admits that vegetarianism has not always been easy. One of the hardest things to give up was tuna, a lunchtime staple since childhood. When she found Lindy Loo's recipe for fake tuna salad, she was skeptical—how could chickpeas possibly fill in for canned tuna? Tim was even more dubious, having been on the receiving end of many failed mock-meat dishes.

But this recipe has become a favorite of both of ours. It's amazing how much this mix of ingredients tastes and feels like tuna salad. Though Lindy Loo didn't bother to use the kelp in her recipe, we think it's crucial for the "tuna" flavor; we've used both kelp granules and nori seaweed flakes with good results. (You can get both products at health food stores.)

Even if you still eat tuna, you may want to cut back on your consumption to limit your mercury intake. If so, give Lindy Loo's recipe a whirl. You will not be sorry.

Given that our pantry stockpiles include several big bags of dried chickpeas, we plan to make Mock Tuna Salad a few times in the weeks ahead.

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