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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow: Here We Go Again!

We thought that the big snowstorm before Christmas was the big one for the year — and significantly deeper than normal for the mid-Atlantic region. But we're in the middle of our second of the season. And this one is worse.

We're at two feet deep and counting. The weather service says we're supposed to get six more inches. It's a good excuse to stay in and cook what's in the house. Our only fear is that the power might go out, as it has to 200,000 others in the area. Thank goodness for the gas grill.

Yesterday at noon, the grocery store, which is new and usually short on customers, was so picked over that there was literally no meat on the shelves. The storm mentality that grips even the most snow-weary regions was exacerbated by tomorrow's Super Bowl. What would have been a run on chips and beer today and tomorrow was pushed up to Thursday because of Friday and Saturday's storm. It left the parking lots packed and the counters empty.

So we're challenging ourselves to make due with our stores of dried beans, veggies and other staples.

Last night we roasted peppers and eggplants on the grill and roasted potatoes in the oven. Tim also put a couple of small pieces of tuna steak on the grill. Served with wasabi mayonnaise, along with a Zabaco Zinfandel from California and a Sangiovese from Italy, it was a delicious way to spend a snowy night.

One more late-night trip outside to shovel snow and stay ahead of the storm, and we slept like babies. (No, we did not wake up every hour and cry.)

Even the dogs settled in for a good eight-hour snooze.

Today, maybe cauliflower curry and dhal.

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