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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Favorite Kitchen Utensils: Orka Mitts

We'll admit it—the first time we donned our Orka oven mitts, we found them stiff and unwieldy. And the first time we used them to reach into a 450-degree oven, we flinched, wondering if the thin silicone really would protect us.

Years later, we're hooked. Our trusty Orkas have shielded us from spattering ovens, boiling water, and red-hot barbecue grills. You can't pick up a needle with these gloves, but you never have to worry about getting burned from wet or worn-out fabric.

After years of use, they show no signs of wearing out. Best of all, they're washable. Those embarrassingly brown, greasy, smelly cloth oven mitts we used to own—and hide from guests—are only a dim memory at this point.

At $30 a pair, these aren't the cheapest oven mitts you'll ever buy, but they'll be the last oven mitts you buy.

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