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Monday, August 17, 2009

When You Must Eat Fast Food

We don't like fast food anymore. We mean the kind of fast food that's sold by chain restaurants across America and most of the world.

We used to eat it a lot, especially when we were young, fairly broke, and moving quickly through our lives. But as we became better cooks, started eating in better restaurants, and grew increasingly health conscious, we began avoiding the McBombs. (Which is not to say we don't have our guilty pleasures: Tim's is a Taco Bell grilled stuffed chicken burrito, and Ruth's is McDonald's fries. But being good former Catholic kids, we seldom indulge these urges and always feel bad about them afterward.)

Now we're getting ready to move about six hours away, and Tim has had to drive the route four times in the past two weeks, looking for a place to live. Although he's taken fruit and nuts along in the car, sometimes he's had to stop for more-substantial fare, which requires choosing among McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King, Arby's, and, if he's very lucky, Taco Bell. He has realized that what used to taste delicious—mushy meat, sugary buns and condiments—now tastes pretty bad, lacking in texture and flavor while packing a massive wallop of salt and fat.

But the long car rides also give Tim time to think of the meals he'll be preparing in the new town, which boasts gigantic ethnic groceries; good, inexpensive restaurants; a longer growing season; and, as a result, great blogging material. We'll keep you posted.


  1. I hear you! When I had to go out of town for a work emergency, I was stuck somewhere and had no time to eat a normal meal except for fast those four days, I had more fast food than I'd like to admit...and it took a few weeks tand a few extra inches to stop craving them. I don't know what they put it that food, but sometimes it IS tough.

  2. Ha! Love the line "Being former Catholic kids..." So true! One of my mother's favorite quotes (and she's still a practicing Catholic) is "Guilt, the gift that keeps on giving."

    Good luck with your move!!