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Friday, May 22, 2009

Favorite Things: Soda Maker

For years and years, we drank Pellegrino. Our Costco membership allowed us to get cases of the mineral water at a good price, and we drank about one big bottle a day.
But those big glass bottles were a problem. They needed to be recycled, and they rapidly piled up. We'd put bags of them in the trunk of the car, planning on taking them to the glass-crushing recycling machine at the store, then we'd get too busy to do that and drive around for a week (or two) listening to the maddening clank of rolling bottles. 
And even though we were recycling the bottles, the waste bothered us.
Then we discovered the soda maker, an updated version of the old seltzer bottle that uses cartridges of CO2 to make cheap, fizzy sparkling water. One cartridge makes about 100 liters.
No more lugging heavy cases of Pellegrino home; no more listening to clanking empties in the trunk.
Just like that, life got a little bit easier.

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