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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Great Book to Help with Healthy Eating

We rarely push cookbooks here at Eat Well, Eat Cheap, but we do note when we've found one that helps make healthy eating a lot easier.

We did note the publication of Susie Middleton's "Fast, Fresh and Green," because it offered so many vegetable recipes that were easy to prepare and tasted great. In fact, we noted the publication of the book and then we wrote about one recipe for smashed red potatoes with parmesan that we particularly like. We find ourselves pulling this cookbook off our kitchen book shelf with great regularity.

The reason we're bringing it up again is that this little gem is being offered for Kindle readers at an especially low price until May 31. The price is only $3.99. If you were inclined to add this book to your collection, now might be the time.

(In the spirit of full disclosure, we get nothing from the sale of this book. We're promoting it because we think it is a great cookbook for people who want to eat well and with health in mind.)

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