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Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Good Resolution for the New Year

Sorry for the scanty postings lately, but between the holidays and the World's Worst Head Cold, we haven't been able to write. We hope to be back in the kitchen in the next couple of days, our appetites restored. In the meantime, here's a fine article by Salon's Francis Lam, who has resolved not to eat cheap, unhealthy, inhumanely raised chicken in 2011,

Regardless of whether you eat chicken, Lam's thoughtful reflections on how we eat are very much worth reading.


  1. I love that photo (though sorry for the head cold)!! Great article - going to link up with you on a piece I'm writing about "frank food!"

  2. Thanks, Belinda! Also, we've been meaning to ask you: what's the name of/link to your blog? We've been looking around for it without success for some time now...